The schematic diagram, pc board drawing, parts list (with Digikey numbers), most recent version of the firmware, and all of the other information needed to build a µWeather™ APRS™-compatible weather station based on the PIC 16F877 microcontroller are available for download here.

Download µWeather™ version 1.0.0
Download µWeather™ version 1.0.1 - added bootloader, improved DCD algorithm
Download µWeather™ version 1.0.3 - added support for all versions of the 1-wire anemometer

I've had a huge amount of fun over the past three years with µWeather™! And judging by the amount of interest, so have you - thanks very much! However, other aspects of my life have taken priority, and the recent rate of development hasn't been what I would have liked. So, in response to requests from lots of users, I've decided to post the source code. The code is not public domain, but has a license that will permit you to work with the code and develop new and interesting features. Keep me up-to-date on what is going on and I'll try to put the most interesting releases here for others to download.

Regarding hardware support - when I first started with this project, some of the parts (microcontroller, humidity sensor, barometric sensor, LCD display, real-time clock) were hard to obtain in unit quantity from various suppliers. However, this has changed - parts are much more widely-available now than they were originally. So I've decided to phase out sales of these parts on the web page as my inventory is sold out. I will continue to sell the PC board. I've got a good supply (it was great to have to do another board run not too long ago!).

My plan for this site is that it will continue to morph into a page describing some of my other embedded projects - ham radio and otherwise. I've also recently gotten interested in writing BREW and J2ME cell-phone applications. Stay tuned, more on that shortly! Below is the link for the source code. Contact me if you have questions! Your support - past and future - is greatly appreciated! Also, if you are interested in classical music, wine, or good food, take a look at my new site Classical Grape.

Download µWeather™ version 1.0.3 source code in MPASM. The main routine is called uweather.asm.